Saturday, July 24, 2004


OL for a couple hour at Qisthy's office, update my entry in here and chat with Ira. LAst night I stayed at Qisthy's house and today we are going to meet Ipeh. She's come to Bandung this morning. And we planned to spend this sturday night in my boardinghouse!! Hontou ni ureshiii~~~ Demoo~~ we missing one of Kunti Crew, si Kunti Sok Imut, Celly. She's in Pekanbaru now, so, Kunti Crew uncomplete without Celly!! Come back to Bandung soon, Cellll~~~ We miss you!!!
Huuuuaaaa~~~ today is special day for "The Sweet Family" 'coz today is Papa Marsa's Birthday!!



Wish you are always in good health, success in your career, and God Bless you always!! And for Mami Marsa, don't forget you've daughter and son in here!! You should take care us too mamiiii~~~ But, as Kame's sister, I will take care of him as long as you want Kame still in Bandung!! Hahahahahaha~~~*pletak*

Hai'~~~ koko made~~ I want to download something, so, see yaa in new entry. Jyaaa~~~ (^o^)v

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Hisasshiburiii~~~~~ long time I didnt update entry in here. I dont know why I really lazy lately. And today, because of something Ive to do, I should online and I should posting e-mail to my friends.
Last night, Qisthy stayed in my boarding house. She taught me the way how to make blink picture. I tried to make blink picture while Qisthy watched Arashi no best. Ira called Qisthy, I think Ira was very panic because when Qisthy watched Arashi no best she SMS-ed Ira and Qisthy told Ira that she saw Nino-kun tried to kiss Sho-kun at that Arashi no best vcd!! Hahahahaha~~~ Take an easy Ira~~~ you will get that vcd soon!! And last night I was very upset because of that blink picture!! I was very upset when I should resize the pictures!! Made me crazy enough last night!! And finally I made it!! Not bad, but, zettaiii~~~~ Ill try to make blink pictures better later!! ^o^;;
Should go now,jyaa~~~

Poetree @ 12:51 p.m.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Update my entry just want to give information about my japannesse name. Vicky found cute site that can make our japannesse name. I like my japannesse name in here.

My japanese name is Fujiwara (wisteria fields) P Taiki (large radiance).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Kawaaaiii~~~ My full name in jappannese is Fujiwara Taiki. Cute name, I like it. And my nick name in japannesse name is Miyako. I think I like my nick name, Miyako-chan, or Mi-chan, or maybe Miya-chan. Hahahahaha~~~ But, Miyako-chan is kawaaii~~ Sukiii da yoo~~~
Hajimemashite, atashi no atarashii namae wa Miyako-chan desu~~~ (^o~)v


Poetree @ 12:29 p.m.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

*Indonesian Mode*

Huuuaaaaa~~~ minnaaa~~~ Hisashiburiii~~~ Udah lama gak update entry nampaknya semua kangen ma gue!! Hahahahaha~~~ *pletak*
Baca tagboard di blog gue bikin gue ngakak. Dibilang gue menghilang dari peredaran, ada yang kangen, bahkan Mami bilang gue bulan madu ma Jin melulu sejak Jin jadi ichiban gue!! Hahahahahaha~~~ Siapa yang gak mau bulan madu ma doi, mamiii?!? ^o~
Tau deh akhir-akhir ini males aja keluar rumah. Pengen diem dirumah, makan, tidur, nonton, tidur lagi, gitu aja terus!! Hihihihihihi~~~ Sempet jalan ma Qisthy, Celly, en Dina ke Kota Kembang, tapi cuma bentar karena udah keburu sore. So, sebenernya gue lagi asyik aja diem dirumah. PEMALASAN. That's the point!
Hmmmm~~~ dua hari yang lalu semaleman gue nonton To Heart sampe jam setengah lima pagi!! Dan cukup bikin mata gue bengkak pas nonton bagian yang mengharukan. Harus gue akui, sejak nonton Remote ma To Heart, gue jadi lumayan suka ama akting Fukada Kyoko, yaaa~~ walaupun sempet sebel karena dia merambah cowok-cowok Johnny's. Mulai dari maen dorama ma Tsuyo, Takki, Koichi, Nagase, sekarang maen bareng Nino pula!! Hihihihihi~~~ cukup bikin Qisthy kebat-kebit!! En, kemaren, seharian gue gak keluar rumah, bahkan gak keluar kamar gara-gara nonton Kimi Wa Petto, doramanya MatsuJun ma Koyuki. Gue baru sempet nonton dorama ini karena mood gue lagi bagus. Dan bagusnya dorama ini juga lumayan bagus jalan ceritanya!! walaupun rada sebel liat hairstyle MatsuJun, tapi aktingnya sebagai petto keren juga!! *senengnya Celly gue memuji akting MatsuJun* Eeee~~~ ngomong-ngomong, doumo arigatou gozaimashita yaa Celduts~~~ udah minjemin doramanya. At least kan sekarang gue udah bisa memuji akting MatsuJun!! Hehehehehe~~*kabur sebelum Celly ngamuk* Hhmmmm~~ besok-besok pengen nonton doramanya siapa lagi yaa???

Nee Minnaa~~~ update entrynya segini aja dulu ah. Besok-besok kalo penyakit males gue gak kambuh gue update lagi.
Aaaaa~~~ almost forget, if you want to know story 'bout when Qisthy and I were in Jakarta few weeks ago, just visit this blog :

Rookie Palace

My Purple World

My Private Asylum

My Shelter

Dash 4 The Dream

They have complete report 'bout our weekend in Jakarta few weeks ago. Check it, ok?!?

Jyaa~~ (^o^)v

Poetree @ 11:01 a.m.


Sunday, July 4, 2004

*Special event : Jin's Birthday & Launching Ichiban*




Happy Birthday to my lovely Akanishi Jin~~~ God Bless You Always. Wish you get succes in the future and your dream come true. From now on You'll always be my Lovely in my heart.*kiss and hug My Lovely Jin* MMuuuaaaccchhh~~~

After hard and long campaign from Panitia PTT, and a lot of thinking about Jin, so I decided from now~~~

Yuupp~~~ He is my Ichiban now!! *hug Jin* And I'm sure, really sure I never feel regret made this decision. I want to say big thank's to Dewan PTT :
Mami Marsa
Thank you for your campaign girls!! Now I find my real love!! Arigatou nee~~~ And thank you so much for "the limited things"!! I love you all!!
And I want to say thank's a lot to Ira who made birthday banner for me. Thank you Iraaaa~~ I love you much!! *hug and kiss Ira* Mmmuuuuaaaccchhh~~~~ (^o^)
Last but not least, I hope KAT-TUN will debut soon!!

Poetree @ 03:33 p.m.


Friday, July 2, 2004


Heran deh, baru juga jam segini kok kayanya udah ngerasa capek jalan seharian yaa?!?! Terlalu banyak hal yag harus gue beresin hari ini sebelum berangkat ke Jakarta ama Qisthy sore ini. Baru aja gue beresin urusan ama Nissa. She helping me handle my application to get KartuHalo. Hope I can get that as soon as possible. Big thank's to Nissa!!(^o^)v Zettai pulang dari Jakarta gue bawain oleh-oleh buat loe yaa~~*wink*
And I want to say Thank's to Qisthy, she help fixing my tagboard.Arigatou nee~~ (^o^)
And now, I can't wait to spend this weekend with my IJ's friend in Jakarta!! Vicky, Endah, Cisca don't forget to pick up us at the train station!! And don't be late!! Wait for our coming,Ok?!?!?
Jyaa~~ mata~~

Poetree @ 12:03 p.m.


Saturday, June 26, 2004

Konnichiwa~~~(p) Welcome in blog!! I don't think Dianne will upload this new layout immediately, but I really to say a big thanks to Dianne for my new layout. Minnaaa~~ enjoy in my blog, and maybe I have something that will surprising all of you (espcesially Panitia PTT) or maybe not (Gomenasaiii~~)!! We'll see later, on Jin's birthday, July 4th!!

And now, I should prepare for that day!! I will post in here!! Matte neee~~
Jyaa~~ (^o^)

Poetree @ 12:40 p.m.


Monday, June 21, 2004

Ohaaayyyoooo~~~~ (^o^)v

After I passed my bad days last week, now I hope this week better than yesterday. My bad days began when my DAMN PC broke!! Hikkksss~~ So many tasks should collected and without my PC I can't do anything!!! Because of that DAMN PC, my father was angry to me. That was make me sad and I can't stand to cried. And Qisthy, she was the one who I called when I was still crying. I'm sure Qisthy confused at that night. Sumimasen~~~ I'm so sorry to bother you Kun~~~ And I don't know why when I sent a messege to Vicky, I thought about Jin!! Nani sore??? Huuuaaaa~~~ majide?? And replied from Vicky made me laugh!! Arigatou Vicky!! Arigatou Qisthy!!
Friday. At that day I should collected my Forensik task at 1 P.M. But, until Thursday night I hadn't finish it!! Guess what? I finished that Forensik task 4 hours before it should collected!! I was really work under pressure!! Thank's God!! I can connect with that subject so I can finish it on time!! Yeeaahh~~ at least I've no tasks that I should collected anymore, but should prepare myself for Final Test next Wednesday!! (*o*)
After passed bad days, I passed my weekend with a happiness. Enjoy my weekend watched a lot of movie that I rent from vcd rental. And my weekend closed by Harry Potter 3 movie. Me, Qisthy, Celly, and Dina (Qisthy's friend, of course our friend too) watched Harry Potter 3 Movie at BSM. I love that movie!! I really love it!! At first I not really interested with Harry Potter book. But, after I watched Harry Potter 1 and 2, and I red Harry Potter 3rd Book, woooww~~ Amazing!! Some magic made me interested with Harry Potter story!! Till now, I really like Harry Potter story. And yesterday, we watched Harry Potter 3. Hmmm~~ the story on movie litlle bit different with the book. Of course on the book the story more complicated. But, I don't mind. I like both, I like the story on the book and I like the movie too!!

About PTT. Oh My God!! I really confuse now!! Is that work?? I don't know. But I've tell Vicky that I will make decision on July 4th. On Jin's birthday. But, the point is I still don't know who will I choose?!? Is not easy for me!! And see my tagboard!! They're still campaign!! Doushiioo~~~???? Any suggestion??? (*o*)

Poetree @ 10:00 a.m


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